From Syracuse (About 31 Miles)
Follow Route 81 South from Syracuse for about 15 miles to the
Tully Exit 14.

At Exit 14, turn left at the bottom of the ramp; just ahead turn left again at the stop sign onto NY Route 80 East.  Stay on Route 80 East for approximately 11.3 miles.  You will pass the Toggenburg Ski Center sign along the way on your right hand side; at this point you are 7 miles away.  About 4 miles from the Toggenburg sign, you will pass signs for Highland Forest , just ahead there is a four way stop at the route 80 junction.  At this four way stop, turn right onto West Lake Road. There is no street sign there. Follow West Lake Road for about 3.5 miles until you see DeRuyter Lake on your left.  Follow the lake around on the left hand side.  At the end of the lake, take a left onto South Lake Road.  On that corner is a sign for “DeRuyter Lake General Store” with a Bass fish pointing the way.  Follow South Lake Road for about   .6  mile until you see the store on your left.

From Binghamton (About 58 Miles)
Follow Route 81 North from Binghamton to the Cortland Exit 11

From Cortland Exit 11 (About 19 Miles)
Turn right onto NY 13 to the town of DeRuyter

Madison County Map

Once in the Town of DeRuyter
Take a left at the corner by Centroe’s Hotel and Red & White Cafe
This keeps you on NY 13 from Cortland
Follow ¼ of a mile through the town of DeRuyter until you see Drift Inn Dairy Treat on your left
Bear left at the
Y at Drift Inn onto Middle Lake Road
Stay on Middle Lake road for about 3 miles until it ends
At the end of Middle Lake Road, you will see our “DeRuyter Lake General Store” sign there at the
T with a Bass fish pointing the way
Turn right onto South Lake Road.  Follow  .5 mile until you see the store on the left
Look for a log building that says in great big letters “GENERAL STORE”

Business Card